Business Mentor, Advisor and Non Executive Director


You need help!

You need advice!

You don't know who to turn to!


You are a Hero. Grinding a living out by Heroic endeavour not knowing the secrets, tips and strategies that can make elusive success actually happen.

You plough on, fight on, trying to survive, trying to build your business and trying your hardest to make money


day by day, bit by bit you are sinking. Your money is burning up, your energy is melting away and your dream of running a brilliant business is slipping through your fingers.

You are great at what you do. People love what you do but you are not so great at running a business.

Don't wait for the miracle to happen. You carry on hoping that one day something will come good, something will change. If only...  You would be doing brilliantly if only... You are just too busy but one day if only...

You know you should do something - one day you will get Around2it



You Need....

You are the owner of a small, exciting, thriving creative business. You are a Director on a board of other intense politically astute and thrusting directors. You are in charge and need to be seen to have it all together. You employ or contract-in many team members and employees. Everyone is pushing ahead doing their best but...

You have no one to discuss the business with. No one to turn to for help, advice, to tease ideas or innovations and even fix problems. Your team need you to provide leadership and exude confidence. Their livelihoods after all depend on it. Your fellow directors need you to deliver on your area of operation as their business units will surely suffer if you let them down. They play politics. They deflect their own failings onto you. They cast jealous glances. The team sense a weakness and all too soon the tail is wagging the dog....

Working with an advisor whether on a personal level, helping with your teams and managers or as a Non Executive alongside you in the business will undoubtably improve things. At Around2it, this is what we do.





Be careful who you look to for Advice..

You could ask your Next door neighbour or the man down the pub for his opinion on your thorny business or team issue. He will undoubtably have an opinion and may sound very convincing. You might even think about acting on what he says. Now consider if the topic was brain surgery. The man next door may well have a theory or an opinion on brain surgery.... but would you let him operate?

Most franchised Business Coaches buy their business at great expense and learn what they know from a quick course and a set of manuals. If you were hiring a key member of staff to deal with the most precious part of your business, would you take a graduate fresh out of an on-line university over an experienced and knowledgeable veteran? You would scour through CVs, interview, take references. You would surely recruit the best someone to work on the most precious part of your business who had all the knowledge, all the skills and importantly, all the practical, hard won experience you could possibly afford.

Beware! There are many Wannabe Coaches in a crowded unregulated market.

Beware! There are many MLM peddlers on-line courses and books promising the earth with their version of get-rich-quick.

There are many ex-middle managers, ex-marketeers, ex-lawyers, ex-accountants and ex-HR people who all want to offer advice but have never built a business, never run a business or never even lost a business and know the traps and pitfalls, felt the growing pains of a breakthrough and the hit upon financial stresses that only deep experience gives.

Time to get Around2it

At Around2it we have helped over 200 local businesses move forward and succeed.

Backed by over 25 years experience of running businesses all around the world, making millions, making heroes and even making a few mistakes along the way you are dealing with an acknowledged, certified, tried and tested expert. Successful in my own businesses and on behalf of others as CEO and Managing Director, advising and running Group businesses in the USA and Canada, Australia, Europe wide, the Far East and up and down Africa.

Expertise in Running Businesses of all shapes and sizes, Skills in all the secrets, tips and strategies tried and tested over many many years and all the Experience to know - really know - what works and what ultimately should stay rooted to the pages of the off the shelf how-to manual.

For practical Silver Bullets and not just blue-sky theories get Around2it

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