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Business advice can never be a one-size-fits-all offering and each of my clients is unique and at various stages along their growth and experience path.

Having said that, business is business and the skills and strategies remain similar in principal and delivery.

As an advisor and through close mentoring of clients, I can see where the gaps are in their business and how far they have come and can still go in building the experiences they will need to enjoy success.


Regular mentor meetings are structured around a focus sheet that sets out the progress being made and next steps before the following meeting. The trick is to find that mix of steps that excite, inspire, motivate and ultimately move the business forward.

The first third of any session tends to be a review of the previous period picking up on what has and has not worked and advising on all the tips and adjustments to fix and make more effective.

The second third of a session is focused on building on the strengths needed to hit the next set of steps and goals to get the business and the team to the objectives set out in the plan.

The third part of the session is all about making, collecting and keeping hold of as much money as possible to fuel more growth and greater success.

We review the top and key achievements and challenges each session and celebrate success or deal with the consequences and feelings surrounding issues that crop up.

There is always one nugget or highlight from each session which we try and record to see that bit by bit, step by step, nibble by nibble we are making progress and getting great value.

90 Day planning

90 Day planning sessions.


"If you don't know where you are going any road will take you there" - Lewis Carroll


"Shoot for the stars and you may at least hit the moon" - corrupted from Les Brown


Every 90 days my clients set aside time to review their progress, gaze forward at the business they want to have and with my help and advice, set out practical steps to get there. Taking action is the one thing guaranteed to move a business. Having a plan and not taking action is like leaving the car sitting unused on the drive.


With a 90 day plan, each week is set with a series of tasks or deliverables needed by the business to achieve the next step. All practical and defined - no Blue Sky here! Add to this a review of the next year, the next 3 years and beyond and the progress in the business, winning back precious time and making stacks more money all become that little bit clearer, all become that little bit more achievable.


Library to share

Building up knowledge is as much about learning as it is earning through scars. I have had to read 100s of business and development books, audios, EBooks and pamphlets over the years and these are offered to my clients to borrow and download as they need.

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